Custom Organ

Builder of custom MIDI organs to fit your needs

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Organ Consoles

Our studio consoles come in 2 or 3 manuals with both AGO and BDO pedalboard options. Console only prices start at $8995 and Turn key Organ packages start at $9995

Our Drawknob consoles come in 2,3,4, or 5 manual versions with to many options to list. Prices start at $12,950

Looking for a more cost effective approach to a new organ? We can rebuild your old console, or use one from our inventory. In stock options start at $1500 for a MIDI console or $2500 for a turn key Hauptwerk organ.

This portable instrument has many configurations. Prices start at $995 as 1 manual MIDI console and $1995 as 1 manual turn key Hauptwerk console.